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Positive Parenting Workshop

On Thursday morning, EtonHouse International School – Suzhou gave a very warm welcome to parent counseling expert, Monica Albertini who took time out from her busy schedule as student and parent counselor at the Shanghai American School (SAS) to run the first in hopefully a series of workshops on positive parenting.

在上周四的上午,伊顿外籍人员子女学校迎来了父母们和Monica Albertini专家。从百忙之中抽出时间的Monica老师来自上海美国学校(SAS),并负责运营第一家正面教育系列研讨会。

More than 20 mothers and fathers from 5 different countries took part in the workshop and after a nervous start, they threw themselves into the role-playing activities that Monica had organized.


The workshop produced lots of valuable content and the Korean, Japanese and Mandarin speaking SCLs (School Community Liaisons) did a great job translating it all for the non-English speaking parents.


The workshop went over time because of all the questions from the engaged parents. It will be exciting to hear from them (and their children) how well they were able to put what they learnt into action!


We asked the parents for their feedback and the response was very positive. When asked if they would like to attend more parent worskshops in the future the response was a resounding YES YES YES!

我们得到了家长们非常积极的反馈。当被问及将来是否愿意参加更多的家长研讨会时,他们的回答是YES YES YES!

EtonHouse used to be well known for the close relationship between the school and the parents, and regularly held workshops and fun activities for the whole family. Principal Mr Murray Fowler is very keen to build on the budding community feeling around the school so watch out for more family focused events.


What is positive parenting?What is positive parenting?


Positive parenting is a parenting principle based on the assumption that children are born with good intention and the desire to do the right thing. It emphasizes the importance of mutual respect and using positive instructions to discipline. The parenting practices focus on teaching future behavior instead of punishing past misbehavior.


Monica Albertini - Biography:

Monica Albertini简介:

Monica Albertini is one of the Middle School Counselors at Shanghai American School, Puxi Campus. She earned her Master’s Degree in Counseling from Boston University and has been in international Elementary and Middle School counseling positions for the past 21 years, working in prevention as well as effective interventions with children, families and all members of the school community. She fell in love with Positive Discipline philosophy and programs in 2008, first becoming certified as Parent Educator and then extended this passion to Classroom Facilitation in 2012, and Trainer level in 2018. She is an experienced certified PD educator constantly seeking to bring PD tools creatively to classrooms and homes and has used PD tools in K- 12 as an educator as well as a counselor. She enjoys supporting parents, teachers and students’ success through mutually respectful and satisfying relationships.

Monica Albertini是上海美国学校浦西校区的一名中学辅导员。她在波士顿大学获得咨询专业硕士学位,并在过去的21年里一直从事国际小学、中学的咨询工作,致力于儿童、家庭和学校社区所有成员的问题解决和有效干预。在2008年,她全身心投入了正面管教理念和项目,先是获得了家长教育者认证,在2012年将这种热情扩展到课堂的促进,并在2018年达到培训师级别。她是一名经验丰富的经认证的PD教育者,不断寻求创造性地将PD工具带到教室和家庭,且作为教育者和顾问在K- 12中使用PD工具。她通过相互尊重、和谐的关系来帮助父母、教师和学生获得成功。


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    Positive Parenting WorkshopOn Thursday morning, EtonHouse International School – Suzhou gave a very warm welcome to parent counseling expert, Monica Albertini who took time out from her busy schedule as student and parent coun
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